Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My little sweet girl

I'm  having too much fun posting But this isn't a new project - it's almost 2 years old...hehe
I invented this little story with my favorite stamp in that time..this cute little girl. So, sit back and enjoy her travel story...

Hello everyone! I'm just a little Italian girl with one big dream...going to Paris! You see, j'aime Paris! So, I decided to pack my suitcase and to go - but of coarse it had to match to the destination I was going...Paris!

Voilà! C'est mes bagages! Paris, here I come!

But sadly, mes vacances were over too quickly...but I bought lots of souvenirs!

Baguettes and wine... délicieux!

And my highlight: SHOPPING! Aren't these outfits wonderful! I would have bought more, but it wouldn't have fit in my suitcase....well, au revoir, Paris!

I just loved creating this...Thanks for stopping by!

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